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Dr. David Russell

Aloha! My name is Dr. David Russell. I am a practicing dentist and oral surgeon who has had several awakenings. I have awakened to the truth about who I am, who we are, and where we are all going as a collective. It has taken several years of seeking to reach this awakened state. This occurred over a span of three decades, but really started to shift in 2011. This is when much of what I thought was reality began to fall apart. Many of the limiting beliefs that held my reality together began to collapse. My lower level, denser survival levels of consciousness and karnal levels of consciousness started to collapse as darkness was turning into light. This is when I moved into the dark night of the souls.


After the dissolvement of most of my ego mind, I have begun to recalibrate, merge and marry the expanded higher levels of awareness of who I am into my physical embodiment. In this expanded state of awareness of benevolent divine love that I am and presence I facilitate, guide and activate others to assist them on their own unique journey back to their true divine love and potential.

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