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Lemurian/Andarian Soul Activation: Tools For Ascension 

Week 1


Feel All Your Chakras Open


Establishing ground rules, Trust, Openness and Honesty. Introductions, explaining how the program works. Dolphin Chakra meditation.


Week 2


Get into the Zone!


Yoga Nidra Meditation


Week 3

The Dolphin Bubble Bath Technique


This isn’t about just clearing your energy field, this is about removing karmic patterns, spiritual mis-conceptions, beliefs that no-longer serve and making yourself an open vehicle for the divine.


How would you like to let go of all beliefs around Your Physical Appearance?



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Say “Yes!” to allowing more abundance into your life! Not just financial abundance, but more Joy! Play! Freedom! Happiness! Relationships! All aspects of your life!


Are you ready to let go of beliefs around Not Being Good Enough?


Are you ready to put that stick down and start learning how to love yourself?


Week 4


Hooponopono, The Forgiveness Prayer


Connecting to the higher selves of those that were or still are a part of your life.



Week 5


The Orion Rebirthing Activation


Connecting with the Star Gate and The Orion rainbow bridge to recalibrate and our DNA to that of our true origins


“While we may know intuitively that our mind has enormous creative potential through the power of the subconscious, in our daily lives we often layer over this potential our emotional wounds, traumas, and negative belief systems which hinder us from manifesting according to our deepest desires.


Rebirthing is a process whereby we work through our patterns using both theory and practical techniques in sessions, inducing deep purification and ultimately, very individualized and transformational results.


A testimonial from a previous client:”


Week 6


The Art of Allowing


Connecting to Your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Dolphin Guides. In this sessions we will ask all those from the other side that wish to work with you on a deeper level to come forward - jesus, Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters,


Week 7

The Ferrari Method

Regaining Control of your life. Putting You back into the driving seat.

Week 8

The Biggest Secret Behind the Wizard’s Curtain

The Power of Meditation.

Week 9

Capture the Golden Ring!

Visualize you having what you want

Week 10

Breaking Out-of-Your-Box Technique

Stop Thinking Small, You are bigger than you realize

Expanding your consciousness beyond your physical body

Week 11

Never Feel Alone Again Meditation

Felling isolated? Lost? Like no-one understands you?


Connecting with your soul family.


Week 12

Being seen and heard technique.

Week 13

 I’m awake, now what?

Looking to the future… hire a mentor

Call to action, get on the phone..

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