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Dolphin Bliss Retreat

March 7th - 12th

Big Island/Kauai Adventure


March 7, 8, 9, 2016 spend three blissful days in Kona, Hawaii where you will:

  • Play in the crystal clear waters

  • Receive Dolphin Energetic session in the Ocean

  • Go out on the boat with Experience “Dolphin Magnet” Roberta Goodman, know expert in the dolphin field, to swim with the dolphins

  • Learn How to Open Your Heart Chakra and connect with your Soul Family

  • Do a Dolphin Meditation that will help you feel more connected to your higher self and grounded to the earth

  • Connect with the Goddess Pele and learn of her teachings


March 10, 11, 12, 2016 fly to Kauai for Another Three days where you will continue your dolphin experience by:

  • Travel along the Na Pali Coast and see beautiful Cliffs, mountains, dolphins, whales and turtles!

  • Snorkel in the crystal clear blue waters of Kauai- whether its your first time or 50th time, its always exciting!

  • Hike to sacred sites, feeling the Mana (Energy) of Kauai.

  • Learn about Lemuria and its birthplace.

  • Walk along a Labyrinth right next to a Breathtaking Beach Do a Chakra Clearing Meditation in Nature assisted by the Dolphin Energy.


What's Included?

  • Accommodations during the Retreat

  • Breakfast Lunch

  • Interisland Transportation

  • Transportation to your room

  • Transportation on your excursions

  • All boat trips, excursions, expeditions covered

  • Snorkel gear

What's not included?

  • Dinner

  • Airfare to Kona or from Kauai


Total price for both islands is $2,220.00 Price for single Island (either Kauai or Big Island) $1499

Payment plans available...


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