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January Class

Schedule for our class:

All times noted are in Hawaiian Standard Time.
(Click here for a Time converter for your time zone

  • Week One - January 11 at 2 pm & January 14th at 9 am

  • Week Two - January 18th at 2 pm January 21 at 9 am

  • Week Three- January 25 at 2 pm January 28th at 9 am

  • Week Four - February 1 at 2 pm February 3 at 9 am

  • Week Five- February 8th at 2 pm February 11th at 9 am

  • Week Six February 15th at 2 pm February 18th at 9 am 

Class login information:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or join by phone:

    +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)

    Meeting ID: 601 107 199 

Facebook Closed Group Login:
I have created a closed facebook group for you to meet each other and share ideas, inspirations and thoughts.  Click here for the link to the group.

Anchor 1

Week One

Lesson # 1 The Blank Sheet of Paper


After the introductions and review of the basic understanding of zoom, the facebook group and website membership login, we got into the first session.


The first session was to Destroy and Uncreate all beliefs about ourselves. All judgements about our appearance, relationships, families, career, abundance, etc...

Class Material:


Video of dolphins joyfully playing in the wild.



Wake up each day seeing yourself as a blank sheet of paper.Meditate on that for a few minutes each day before you get out of bed. 


Destroy and Uncreate all the stories that you created about the day before and start the day anew, reborn each day.

Lesson # 2  Being Reborn!


We shared some experiences that happened from the last class and everyone felt some type of shift - energy movement, writing blocks removed, more clarity of the mind, etc. Great job everyone!

In this lesson we revisited the time of our birth. Connecting with the date of our birth, the feeling of being in the womb, traveling through the birth canal, our first vision out of the birth canal and gazing upon the world around us. Being God and looking at the creation of God. Then gazing into our mother's eyes being God looking back at God. And no matter what kind of birth/mother you really had, you can recreate the kind of mother you would have liked to have had. Creating your mother as a loving, supportive, nurturing being where you feel safe.



Repeat the meditation connecting with the date of your birth until you feel you have shifted the vibration of your birth to one of love, acceptance and safety.

Week 2

Week Two

Lesson # 3 Revisiting Your Birth


In this lesson we went back to our birth to further clear any recreated a more nurturing and loving birth scenario. First we conneced with the date of our birth. Then the dolphins assisted us by clearing our energy and creating a loving cocoon for us. We created a loving cocoon and clearing us, then we entered the watery world of the womb and felt ourselves floating around. As we treaveled through the birth canal, we started to see the light and gazed upon the physical world with wonder and awe as God Creator looking around at God's Creation.


Then we were loving placed on our mothers chest and gazed into her eyes for the first time- God looking at God! As your moher begins to breastfeed you, you feel nurtured, supported and so so loved! Your heart fills with gratitude for your mother and the cycle is complete. 

Class Material:


Connect with your birth day - DD/MM/YYY



Repeat this meditation on your own a few times until you feel you have cleared your birth. 

Lesson # 4

Ho'oponopono, The Forgiveness Prayer


Today's lesson is one of Forgiveness and Letting go. Picture someone you are wanting forgiveness from. Write the person's name down on a piece of paper.  Invite a connection to them by picturing them in front of you about a foot and a half away. Repreat the manta below to them eiher silently or out loud. Do this process for a few times. Then imagine yourself hugging the person.


As you go through the day, repeat the mantra as it comes to you- while you are doing the dishes, walking, etc.


You might even consider creating an alter for your loved ones and sending them love each morning, lighting a candle or them.




Class Material:



I'm sorry; Please forgive me, Thank you and I love you!


Recommended Reading:

Zero Limits by Joe Vitale 




Use the mantra to send love to someone you are wanting to resolve a conflict with or who you just want to send love to.

Week 3

Week Three

Lesson # 5
 Ho'oponopono for Our Bodies


Today's lesson is one of appreciation and clearing of how we relate to our bodies. In this lesson we discuss how our bodies are constantly sending us messages. Now, with awareness, understanding and compassion,  we are finally paying attention to these messages, understanding them more and appreciate the service and guidance our bodies have been for us. 


Today's exercise was a clearing of all our chakras with the assistance of the dolphins as they move through each chakra, clearing a releasing.


Class Material:

Chakra Chart clearing cleansing and releasing each chakra and helping to ground us.


Recommended Reading:

Louise Hay, "You Can Heal Your Life”



Sit in Meditation as you walk through each chakra, asking the dolphins to travel in and out of each one clearing them along the way. Also, sit in appreciation of your body and how it has served you and allowed you to exisit in this physical 3-D reality.





Lesson # 6

 Start to Create the Life That You Choose! 


In today's lesson we worked with each person individually to get clarity on manifesting and creating in a more conscious way.  


Class Material:

Matt Khan and Ester Hicks talk about creating the life that you want. Ester talks about putting things in your vortex and allowing them to come to you.


Reading material:

Ester Hicks book, “Ask and It is Given”

Watch  Youtube videos on 

Matt Khan and Ester Hicks.



Start the day by saying to yourself:

"What would I like to see happen

today? "

Week 4

Week Four

Lesson # 7

Connecting with Your Soul Family- Feeling the Support from those on the other side


In today's lesson we felt the love and support of our soul family. In the past past we may have felt like we didn't fit in or belong here. In today's class we connected with those that love us and opened up to receiving that love.


Class Material:

Meditation where we traveled to our soul family and felt supported and loved.


Reading material:

Learn more about the merkaba. The vehicle we use to travel- also in our sleep time.



Repeat this process of connecting with your soul family now that we know the address.

Lesson # 8

Yoga Nidra for Clarity


In today's lesson we talked about Calrity. Getting clear about our intention. Creating a state of understanding, reducing confusion and getting clear. Questions will arise and confusion creates uncertainly and fear. When we put our intention in the state of Yoga Nidra (the state of half asleep, half awake) we get clarity on the next step to take.


Class Material:

Einstein has said, the solution to a problem cannot be found with the same thinking that created the problem.


Reading material:

My guru Amrit Desai talking about the benefits of Yoga Nidra:


Here is a link to the Amrit Yoga information:



Practice the Yoga Nidra Meditation. Before you begin, have an intention of what you are wanting to put in your intention for the session. 

Week 5

Week Five

Lesson # 9

Clearing our Beliefs on Money


In today's lesson we worked with issues around money- feelings of not deserving, that if I have it, it will be taken away, guilt around accepting money from others, like our parents, using it wisely, that money means power, putting money in a box. In our discussion, two members had won small amounts from playing the lottery! "You have to be in it to win it!" Another person had a random aount of $12,000 mysteriously enter into their account!


Class Material:

We came up with an amount that each person would like to have every month.


Reading material:

Check out

Ester Hicks You Tube Video on abundance:



Write down what you would like to manifest in your life! 


Lesson # 10

Its All About Choice! 


In today's lesson we talked more about money/abundance and our relationship with it. We visualized money as air - flowing freely and easily in and out of our experience. Some issues that came up was self worth- equating self worth with the amount of money in our bank account. To transmute this we thought of where else might there be abundance in our lives? Air for example. We never think that it might run out or that we are taking too much air and there isn't any left for anyone else! Or that we are being greedy with all the air we use! Another example was love. How much love do we feel if we don't share it with others? It wants to flow- just like water - to move in and out, to be shared. Look at the spider. It just weaves its web and sits and waits for the universe to provide all of its needs.


Class Material:

Meditation on stepping into your future self - 3 years from now. What do you look want to look like, be doing, be surrounded by, what is your passion, what is your play/work like, 


Reading material:




Write down what you want your future self to as detailed as possible.

Week 6

Week Six

Lesson # 11

Follow Your Joy!


In today's lesson we talked about connecting with your joy. When you are looking for guidance and direction on what direction to go in, let joy be your guide.


Class Material:

Meditation on embodying a dolphin and feeling their joy with a special surprise at the end.


Reading material:




Repeat this meditation as often as you need to in order to connect with your inner joy!

Lesson # 12

Connect with Your Own Personal Dolphin! 


In today's lesson traveled to the Dolphin Planet where we were greeted by our many dolphin friends. 


There was a DNA activation that occured.


We connected with one particular dolphin that came home with us to be united with us forever.



Class Material:

Learn about the planet Sirius. Here is a link to learn more:



Reading material:

Read about DNA activations and learn more.



Enjoy your new life!


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