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Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey? Then we are ready to be your guide through this life-changing process.


Just a little information about me…..Jeanne Russell, Owner of Dolphin Touch Wellness Center,  Dolphin Energetics Creator & Practitioner, Personal Development Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher


My motivation and inspiration for doing this work is that it makes me really happy to see people, like you, living a more joyful and purposeful life. What am I here to do? To help provide a pathway/vehicle for you to move onto the next step on your spiritual path, to be a teacher, a student, a listener, a hand holder, a cheerleader, and a co-celebrator of your achievements. More than anything, I want you to find true joy and happiness, to open your heart to love, to see you dreams unfolding and to having a life that is full of adventure. What is unique about me is my connection to the dolphins. With the assistance of the dolphins, I help people connect to their energy and vibration- their unconditional, non-judgmental, open-hearted love. It would be my immense pleasure and honor to be a co-creator in your reality, to witness the transformation into the new you, to play in the vortex of infinite possibilities and to hear the wonderful stories of success you will be sharing.


Now, I would like to gather a little more information about you.

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