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Congratulations! You have completed the Living the Life of Your Dreams Class!


The Dolphins are spinning and Jumping for joy! We are so excited for your expansion and growth! How wonderful for you to connect more with your JOY! 



Mastermind Group


To keep the momentum going, I would like to suggest a MASTERMIND GROUP. This group would meet twice a month and I'd be available to answer questions, discuss topics and do further dolphin activations. This would be a $95/month charge and you can submit questions via Facebook or email even if you couldn't attend. 

0 Yes Im Interested! 


Also, to help me assist you further and to help others who might be interested in this class, I would REALLY appreciate some feedback on how was your experience.



Please take a few minutes to fill out the attached questionaire. I know - you hate questionaires! I do too, but by reflecting on your experience you will actually learn and integrate more of your experience! So lets begin! Oh, and please be open and honest with me without worring about my feelings. I learn from every criticism as much if not more from every compliment!



Mahalo and Dolphin Love,


Jeanne Russell, Teacher, Healer, Learner and Player with the Dolphin Energy










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