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Awaken to Divine Love and Joy! 

Join Dr. David and Jeanne Russell  
New Dates to be Announced Soon!
Are you seeking more freedom in your life to play and be you?
Do you want more clarity on who you are?
Are you looking for more of a divine connection to the love and joy that you are?
Do you want to feel happier and have more energy to be you?
We have the answers to these questions and more!
Come join us while we share our personal journey and path to these higher levels of awareness of love and joy.


Jeanne will share the steps to begin Your Pathway to Joy. These pathways were obtained from messages assimilated through Jeanne’s profound connection

with the dolphins. It is through this connection she is able to access higher levels of Joy. David will share his awakening to Divine Love and discuss how it serves to have this connection to the divine love that you are.


Techniques and activations will be given to help facilitate and assist you in your alignment with the love and joy that you are.


To begin your Journey into Awakening we will be discussing the following topics:

  • Give Yourself Permission to Be You

  • Embrace the Child Within

  • Make Love and Joy a Priority

  • Being in the World But Not of It

  • The Expanded You

  • The Importance of Questioning Everything


Jeanne Russell is a Reiki Master, Mind, Body, Spirit Coach, Channel for the Dolphin Consciousness, Creator of Dolphin Energetics and Owner of Dolphin Touch Wellness Center in Kauai, Hawaii.  She feels that the dolphins are her greatest teachers and she is especially connected to their love, their joy and their playful spirit! Learn More about Jeanne..


Dr. David Russell is an Awakened Oral Surgeon in Hawaii, Intuitive Reiki Master and is certified in Amrit Yoga and Yoga Nidra meditation.  Learn More about David...

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