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"Journey to Joy"  Retreat Package


The time is NOW to find your inner Joy, Happiness and Love. Time to Open your Heart and Connect to your True Authentic Self. This retreat is all about receiving, playing, and creating a new dynamic, a new way of being in the world.


The Dolphins are our Teachers. They show us what is really important - The value of play, joy, happiness, Ohana (family) and Love. Jeanne will be sharing the lessons she has learned from the dolphins with you. 


 In this retreat you will:


    •       Learn how to connect to your inner child; embracing the power of play, laughter and creativity

    •       Understand more the things that really matter in this world and within ourselves

    •       Be taught techniques on the importance of breath, breathing techniques in times of stress and learn how to use breath to center

    •       Learn how Opening your Heart is safer than trying to protect or shield it. You will experience your Heart Opening on levels never felt before.

Are you ready to say "Yes" ?


Then contact Jeanne today and let's work out the details together!  Dates, times, availabily, etc..


Retreats range from 1/2 day to 7 days and prices range from $1500 to $7000. 


Jeanne only works with people after reviewing their questionaire and a personal interview. To set up your one-on-one time with Jeanne and get your questionaire, fill out the contact sheet and explain the dates and experience you are intereted in. Let Jeanne work with you to custom design your perfect" Journey to Joy"  Package







Contact Jeanne Today!
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