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Plan Your Ideal Retreat Program

13-Week Program

Learn how to design, create and run a successful retreat on the island of Kauai or anywhere. We walk you through step by step to help you craft the best retreat ever! One that is easy, carefree, fun and profitable!


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Crafting Your Retreat

**Please note that each session may not happen in the order listed here…

Week 1

Break through the resistance

-Breaking through the blocks that arrive in resistance to you being a retreat leader.

Week 2

Attracting Your Ideal Retreat Attendees

Why do you want to have a retreat? Creating an intention and attraction for your ideal client.

Week 3

Crystal Clarity

Getting clarity on your intention/vision

Week 4

It all starts with a name…

How to pick an awesome title for your retreat- one of the most importance factors in attracting the right people for your retreat

Week 5


How to get discounts on booking accommodations and negotiating contracts

What is the right accommodations to use? Hotel? Condo? Private Home?

Week 6

Pricing, Spreadsheets and Budgeting Your Retreat

- Running the numbers - how to determine the minimum number of people needed to run a profitable retreat

Week 7

Accepting payments, deposits, and cancellation policies

Organizing your payment structure - what to charge for deposits, early registration on-line specials, cancelation policies and more!

Week 8


Daily Schedule - How to space your retreat out properly; A Step-by-step guide to planning your itinerary

Week 9

Marketing Demystified

Demystifying the sales attraction system with Facebook, Newsletters and Free Advertising and creating a marketing strategy.

Week 10

Extra Revenue $$$

How to create extra revenue from your retreat

Week 11

Be Prepared…

How to de-rail difficult situations, clients and healing crisis in advance. Prep work before and after the retreat.

Week 12

Make an impression

Going the extra mile to make your retreat attendees feel welcome, loved and respected

Week 13

Make retreats part of your business

How you can incorporate a retreat into any business model

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